Harrap's Pride and Prejudice

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England is fighting Napoleon on the continent, and officers look so dashing in their red coats.
Mrs Bennet is desperate to see her five daughters all married. Any wealthy young man will do. They only have to get married to make her happy. If they don't, however, they'll soon hear about her poor nerves! 
Find out how our delightful young heroines use their honour, understanding and sens of irony to catch a husband after their own heart.
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Envie de lire en anglais ? Dorénavant, c'est possible grâce à Harrap's. Redécouvrez le chef-d'oeuvre de Jane Austen en VO et en version intégrale, avec des traductions en marge pour vous aider à bien comprendre le texte. Emotion et rire garantis ! Avec Harrap's, Yes you can!