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Foreign rights / Droits étrangers

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Larousse was founded in 1852 and has since become one of the largest non-fiction book publishers in France and an international leader in its fields : dictionaries both monolingual and bilingual, encyclopaedias, books on history, all major art forms, wines, gastronomy, health for family, parenting, nature, gardening, pets  as well as books for children and young adults.


Find all our books in the 2017-2018 Larousse Foreign Rights catalogue below




Mrs. Evelyne Le Bourse

Foreign Rights Director
In charge of : South America, Asia, Poland, Romania, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Turkey.
Direct tel : +33(0)1 44 39 44 11
email : elebourse@larousse.fr


Mr. Jean-François Richez

Foreign Rights Manager
In charge of : English, German, Dutch, Hebrew, Indonesian, Arabic and Farsi languages.
Direct tel : +33(0)1 44 39 51 73
Email : jfrichez@larousse.fr


Ms. Elvire Morisot

Foreign Rights Manager
In charge of : Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Georgian, Azeri, Albanian, Armenian, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian languages.
Direct tel : +33(0)1 44 39 43 96
Email : emorisot@larousse.fr


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